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“MEK is a cult”, they “don’t have support in Iran” and they are a “small group” of Iranians who pay for speakers on their events; none of the above is justification for labeling them terrorists. This is a fact and DC District Court concluded that none of the allegations expressed in articles aginst PMOI taken from Iranian regime’s MOIS and reproduced in SD files, are substantiated enough to merit such designation. So it is wise of Mrs Clinton to undo her husband’s gross mistake and unchain the aspirations of Iranian people for real change.

In recent days the Iranian regime orchestra is playing a harmonic piece. It started with the composer in Tehran. An unknown reporter named Jason! Rezaian, apparently from the office of Iran’s MOIS (because all independent journalists are either imprisoned or were forced to leave the country) leads the orchestra. The players are Iranian regime’s known lobby in the USA who follow the official line – 80% against the regime and 20% demonize the real opposition, the PMOI.

Jason! claims that the PMOI has no support amongst Iranians. He was quoted in one article “but good luck finding a single person who is pro MEK” while Hillary Clinton mentioned two by name last December who were later executed after a third, Ali Saremi. 

Another falsely claims “ When the Green Movement took to the streets to challenge the regime…” while the Green leaders assert they are not challenging the regime but they want to correct its behavior to bring back the dead ayatollah’s values and follow Khomeini’s line. The Khamenei-Ahmadinejad gang also claim they are the true followers of the dead imam’s line. But what is the dead imam’s line? 120,000 executions, 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners great majority of whom were supporters of PMOI, the 8 year war with Iraq and all the devastations, an economy that belongs to ‘donkeys’ (ruling Iran today); in short nothing but death and destruction. I don’t think the brave people of Iran who risk their lives coming to streets chanting death to principle of velayate faghih and death to Khamenei have anything to do with the green leaders who don’t even call for death to Ahmadinejad. So when you hear these slogans in the streets you know very well that the regime officials are right to blame all the unrest on PMOI. After all it is only the PMOI and their allies in NCRI who have called for a total downfall of the regime of Velayate Faghih, the absolute rule of the clergy. 

It is foolish to expect to judge the support of PMOI in Iran (and for that matter in the USA so long as this unjust and perverse label is hanging over their head), by asking people to openly express their allegiance. I just say if they are as insignificant as the composer of this orchestra suggests, then what the fuss is. Why on earth you encourage the US government to reject the US court ruling and become an outlaw government for keeping a “small” group that does not matter for Iran, enchained. It is interesting that this “small” group can pay for so many top officials to ‘buy’ their support.

The reality is that the PMOI represents the aspirations of millions in Iran who cry freedom and want to get rid of this medieval dictatorship. Hence Iranian regime’s lobby is worried about losing their lucrative but disgraceful job, advocating for the evil regime.

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