Advocating the devil

There are articles on various weblogs more or less with a similar title to that of Adam Sorensen “Why Are U.S. Politicians Cheerleading Iran’s Mujahedeen e-Khalq?” where he has reproduced an earlier article by Tony Karon. I would not be surprised to have seen such an article on Iranian regime’s MOIS websites but not in Time’s. Now of course most of Iranian regime’s websites are boosting these articles.

I must warn the authors of such articles, if they do it in naivety, that the brutal regime is using this sort of arguments, originator of which is the MOIS itself, to justify killing of brave men and women in Iran who dare to stand up for their rights. The same rights that allows one to criticize US government officials and are taken for granted by authors of such articles, is denied to the people of Iran. Last December the brutal regime killed yet another man, a hero as far as the people of Iran are concerned, Ali Saremi, for bogus allegation of war against God, while all he did was to visit his son in Camp Ashraf and talked about freedom and democracy for the people of Iran. Two more well known supporters of PMOI were executed in January. How can one see daily executions in Iran, in such a savage form, happening every day, in public, and still think opposing this brutality is terrorism. The real terrorists are ruling Iran. Wiki Leaks’ recent release of documents highlighted this fact.

If resisting tyranny and oppression is a First Amendment Right in the USA, how can it be denied the people of Iran. The arguments in these sorts of articles which are full of misinformation spread by Iran’s MOIS, have been presented to the courts in the UK, EU and the USA. All of them ruled that these facts are lies and unfounded. Including the killing of Americans in 1970’s at the time that the leadership of PMOI were all imprisoned and the group was hijacked by Marxists and leftists who carried out the killings. Many in America have been deceived by Iran’s anti American propaganda in the surface while behind the scene, the two governments have been cooperating to suppress the democratic opposition. I don’t intend to go to very detail about all the allegations that have been put forward in these articles. There is a reasonable reply to all of them. As a first step I urge you to read this article.

120,000 PMOI supporters have been murdered by this brutal regime. The regime started a misinformation campaign to demonise them and justify the brutal killings. These sorts of articles help that line.

I refer you, the reader, to this article and hope you will spend the time to read it carefully. There are a lot of facts in there.

I hope these sorts of writers change their behavior and stop helping the devil in Iran to carry on brutalizing its own people and threatening the world with a nuclear Holocaust.

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