What is the fuss all about? Who is afraid of PMOI being delisted?

In recent days we see an article being circulated, and repeated here and there suggesting that the removal of the unjust label against PMOI/MEK is not good and will offend the ‘Iranians’ (read the Iranian regime and its proxies and mercenaries).

Why are these writings being circulated like hell? Who is benefitting from spread of this sort of negative propaganda against PMOI? Other than the Iranian regime?

Then can you guess who is behind all this, orchestrated campaign? None but Iran’s Ministry of Information and Security (MOIS)!

Now paid or unpaid (more foolish if unpaid), advocates of this brutal regime spread lies that have been contested in at least 11 courts in Europe and North America and all have been proven false and unsubstantiated. Why they do this? Because the removal of this unjust and “perverse” label removes the most important obstacle to democratic change in Iran.

So Mrs Clinton has only one way forward if she is serious about her standing with Iranian people on their struggle for freedom. Remove this unjust and illegal label and let forces of change to be free. Then you will see a democratic Iran free of nuclear weapons and at peace with its neighbors emerge very fast. The whole world would become safer. So please do not waste more precious time.

The sheer number of these sorts of articles against PMOI proves that it is important and the removal of the label matters significantly.

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1 Response to What is the fuss all about? Who is afraid of PMOI being delisted?

  1. Saeed says:

    What an excellent piece.
    This should be publish in the main stream media
    People such as so called Jason Rezai are obviously Iranian payday agents not worth replaying to. Well done and thanks

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