Ayatollahs’ advance Goebbels technique

The Islamic regime in Iran is evil but the MKO, MEK or whatever you want to call them are far worse”; whoever says this no doubt is an agent of MOIS. This line was adopted by MOIS in 1990’s especially after Khatami’s presidency in 1997.

According to this rule, to preserve status quo i.e. continuation of the dreadful regime, it is hard to defend this brutality straight line so pretend that you are an opponent of the regime and disagree with regime actions and then try to demonize the only democratic alternative capable to bring about change to Iran. This is what I call advance Goebbels technique.

Hitler’s propaganda man Joseph Goebbels was saying ‘say a big lie and repeat it enough people will believe it’. Now according to the advance Goebbels’ technique of the ayatollahs, say a lot of lies and don’t wait for people to believe it. It is sufficient for the good people to decide that the matter is too complicated and do nothing. All the devil wants is for the good people to do nothing hence accept status quo. i.e. continuity of this brutal regime.

But the brave people of Iran have called this bluff and won’t budge any more. “Death to principle of Velayet-e- Faghih’ and ‘Deat to dictator’ and ‘Death to Khamenei’ are the kind of things we hear in the street of Iranian cities and that will be the way; Mobarak-Ben Ali nobat-e Seyed Ali (Khamenei ‘s turn now).

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