Where was the conscious of humanity?

Today Baroness Ashton in European Parliament condemned again strongly the savage attack on Ashraf on April 8. She also praised Mr Stevenson for his valuable input and tireless efforts to protect the residents of Ashraf.

Ashraf is now, thanks to bravery of her residents on the one hand and barbarity and stupidity of the Iranian mullahs and their proxies in Iraq on the other, a symbol for all who care about human rights and basic freedoms since they have laid their lives in front line for all of us to learn what is happening in Iraq, contrary to the perceptions the American Government and their European allies, the UK government for instance, are portraying of a so called “democracy” brought about in Iraq with so many British and American lives lost for it.

The whole world should rise up and hail the brave Ashrafis for their selfless sacrifices. It would be an honor for Europe to welcome these heroes and heroines on their soil.

To members of Iran’s Secret Service: Stop your misinformation campaign. Your lies have no buyers any longer after the world saw your barbarity on April 8, 2011. It is not the first time courageous freedom fighters have been labeled terrorists by tyrants and their advocates. Abraham Lincoln, Charles de Gaulle and Nelson Mandela are most famous examples.

The world is no recognizing the role of those brave people in Ashraf who sacrificed normal living for over a quarter of century to bring freedom and democracy to their homeland.

One might question the initial motive of the US government for going to war in Iraq but this is not the issue here at all.

The issue is that this barbarity happened inIraq against Camp Ashraf while 50,000 American soldiers were standing by and doing nothing to stop it. Where was the conscious of humanity?

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