Letter to a MisInformed Friend

Dear MIF

When Khomeini came to Iran in 1979 and hijacked the democratic aspirations of millions of Iranians, the PMOI leadership were all in Shah’s prisons. In fact it was the Shah who paved the way for Khomeini to take over Iran by imprisoning and killing real democrats. But the PMOI leaders started to educate the people who were seeing Khomein’s picture in the moon, and they succeeded.

Within less than 2 years they grew to a massive social force in spite of all limitations and repression that was imposed on them by Khomeini’s thugs. Then, when Khomeini wanted to consolidate all powers in his own hand the PMOI stood against it. They paid a heavy price with their lives and suffering.

In June 20, 1981, they organized a demonstration much similar to June 20, 2009. But in 1981 there was no mobile phone or internet. So the world could not see how young boys and girls were being gunned down for wanting their basic rights, the right to assemble and express their views. On that day, as the French judgement emphasized, standing against tyrants became a responsibility, a duty for every patriotic Iranian.

On that day in 1981 the reign of terror against people of Iran by the government took new dimensions. With his terror machine Khomeini created a gap between the ordinary people of Iran and the PMOI and then filled this gap with lies and deception. When one is executed for just being a family member or a supporter of PMOI, how could you judge the popularity of the movement? I assure you if they did not have the support of Iranian people they could not have survived the unprecedented repression of the Iranian regime coupled with unusual help for the regime from all sorts of countries from both blocks, east and west.

The PMOI’s ideology is 180 degree opposite to that of the mullahs. That is why the mullahs cannot tolerate them. The irony is that most of those who criticize them, if not deliberately as agents of Iranian regime do, have not read any of the original writings of PMOI or seen any of the thousands of hours of video that is available on the internet. They all use the Iranian regime propaganda. So I urge you to read Mrs Rajavi’s 10 point plan for future Iran and let me know which of these 10 points you disagree.

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