“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

Recently an Iranian regime agent, disguised of course as an opponent of the regime (because a proponent of the regime would automatically raise suspicion), sent me an email about my support of the PMOI/MEK members resident in Camp Ashraf, Iraq. Attached to that email were three discredited reports that have been seriously questioned for their methodology of collecting information, accuracy of facts and irresponsible and un-academic conclusions. This process and this misinformation is nothing new. Nevertheless below you will find links to responses to these reports prepared by credible sources.

One last observation; you have famously heard the expression attributed to Edmund Burke “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. The evil forces, in this case the Iranian regime and its advocates, want to muddy the waters so that the good people give up searching for justice and liberty and do nothing instead. The enclosed information is to make it easier for not giving the devil the opportunity to neutralise us in our quest for good, for justice, peace and liberty, to prevail.

Response to HRW report “People’s Mojahedin of Iran” Mission report“We at the European Parliament decided to conduct a full investigation …We found the allegations contained in HRW report unfounded and devoid of any truth. We also came to the conclusion that HRW report was procedurally flawed and substantively inaccurate. Moreover, in the course of our study we became aware of an elaborate and complex misinformation campaign by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), against PMOI.” 

Response to RAND report Courting Disaster: How a Biased, Inaccurate RAND Corporation Report Imperils Lives, Flouts International Law and Betrays Its Own Standards: “In presenting facts, analysis, and conclusions, the [RAND report] authors omit material and relevant information, fail to consider alternative viewpoints, and exclude relevant and credible information that is on the record, including those from two former U.S. military commanders of Camp Ashraf which contradicts the main recommendations of the report.”

Response to report attributed to FBI– Richard R. Schoeberl (a retired Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation): “This document could not have been prepared in November 2004 because the “potential” interviews [mentioned in the document] were actually already completed by that time (as mentioned earlier in the LHM)… The very existence of a public FBI LHM is suspect; the FBI and intelligences agencies are not known for providing investigative information to the public.”

Additional information:

1-   The Bloomfield Report – An Independent Assessment by Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield Jr.

2-      DLA Piper Report – A New Approach to US Iran Policy: A Response to the Failure of Engagement

3-   Executive Action Report – Conflicting Objectives: An Analysis of the U.S. State Department’s Assessment Of the Mujahedin-e Khalq

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